Meet Our Teachers’ Aides

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Alex Pellegrino:   Alex has been a teacher’s aide with Teaching Together since January 2015, during which he has been assisting the St. Peter Middle School teachers with administrative tasks involved in running an effective middle school. Alex is an active member of Blessed Sacrament parish in Washington, D.C.  Previously, Alex served as an assistant camp counselor at the Smithsonian’s All Access Digital Arts Camp for high school students with disabilities. Currently, Alex works at Giant Supermarket.  When he is not working at Giant, Alex is participating in Special Olympics basketball, bocce, or golf.   Alex also enjoys playing video games and listening to music.  Alex enjoys helping the middle school teachers work more efficiently.  He is also enjoys making a difference in student learning.  Alex attended Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda.

Former Aides

IMG_0014 (1)Anna Allen:  Anna was assisting Miss Michele Monk in the third grade classroom at St. Peter School in Washington, D.C. in 2015. When Anna was at St. Peter’s, she could often be found helping students with times tables, teaching a religion lesson, listening to students read out loud, and assisting with all of the other tasks of an elementary classroom. Anna has been a dedicated member and Sunday School Teacher at Ascension Catholic Church, and she holds a Certificate of Proficiency in Early Childhood Development. Anna moved on from St. Peter School when she and her family moved to New Jersey, but the school community remains grateful for her service and influence!

2 thoughts on “Meet Our Teachers’ Aides

  1. dolores wilson says:

    Congratulations ,Alex! i, too am proud of you and what a wonderful opportunity to share your gifts. Peace, dolores wilson

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