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The End of the Year

Our first year was incredibly successful.  St. Peter’s is happy to be bringing Mr. Pellegrino and Miss Allen back for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make the program possible.  A special thanks goes to Jennifer Ketchum, Fr. Bill Byrne, Dana and Walt Lukken, and Joanne Morrison.

Thank You Mr. Pellegrino and Miss Allen

Over the past month, Mr. Pellegrino has sorted hundreds of graded papers making it significantly easier or the students to receive their graded work.  Mr. Pellegrino has also assisted in student games like Jeopardy.  Having another adult in the classroom makes these games possible.  The students would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Mr. Pellegrino for all he has done so far and for all he will continue to do for the rest of the year.

Miss Allen has been very busy this past month.  She has taught the third graders about several things in religion class including St. Peter and the angels.  She has assisted the students in reading groups and in math groups.  The third graders are so appreciative of all she has done and will continue to do.  THANK YOU, MISS ALLEN!!

Week Seven


The Egyptian Sarcophagus and Tomb. The paper behind it attributes Mr. Pellegrino with guiding students through parts of the project.

Today Mr. Pellegrino helped Mrs. Blomquist, the St. Peter’s art teacher, as the middle schoolers finish their project.  It is incredible!  Great job Mrs. Bloomquist, Mr. Pellegrino and St. Peter’s Students!

Week Six

Alex and the poster

Mr. Pellegrino making the middle school hallway look fantastic!

After the sixth grade students participated in Africa Day, Mr. Pellegrino made the middle school hallway beautiful by hanging African flags throughout the hallways.  Mr. Pellegrino is beginning to be in very high demand.  Teachers throughout the middle school are requesting his help for organizing papers, hanging up materials, correcting multiple choice items, and even painting in the art room!  Everyone loves having an extra set of hands in the classroom!


Miss Allen recording student responses

Down in the third grade, Miss Allen is working hard.  This past week, she helped the students with their reading groups.  Miss Allen facilitated a vocabulary small group session, and consequently, Miss Monk was able to focus on other areas of reading.  Miss Monk has commented several times on how helpful it is to have Miss Allen in the room.  Miss Allen described her teaching philosophy as helping students learn how to do things on their own.  Brilliant!  Check out her new bulletin board below.  This week’s saint, Katherine Drexel!

Anna's Bulletin Board

Saint Katherine Drexel, Pray for us!

Catholic Standard Article

Check out our article in the Catholic Standard!!

New Logo

Thanks to St. Peter School eighth grader Martha Hrdy for creating our logo!!  Here is a rough sketch of what it will look like.  Thanks Martha!!!  We love it!!IMG_0956

Weeks Five and Six


Mr. Pellegrino helping the students with Catholic Charities Cup of Joe

The past two weeks Mr. Pellegrino has helped Miss Forr by sorting all of the middle school paperwork.  The middle school teachers couldn’t be happier with their new system of returning papers.  Last week, the 8th grade boys taught Mr. Pellegrino the “Catholic Dance”  The whole class got up and danced together for a few minutes.  The 8th grade really enjoys having Mr. Pellegrino in the classroom.  He brightens everyone’s day.  Yesterday, St. Peter’s held their quarterly student families, and they made breakfasts for Catholic Charities to distribute to the homeless.  Mr. Pellegrino was extremely helpful in organizing the materials and making sure that each breakfast was properly sealed and stored.


Miss Allen’s bulletin board in a transition phase

Miss. Allen has been teaching the third grade about the saints.  Yesterday, Miss Allen told the students about Our Lady of Fatima.  Her lesson was especially powerful because she included her own story of healing through the power of Our Lady of Fatima.  In addition to teaching religion for about 20 minutes each Wednesday, Miss Allen provides the students with materials for a bulletin board in the back of the classroom.  This bulletin board changes weekly to correlate with the saint that Miss Allen is teaching about.  Miss Allen is so creative, and Miss Monk, the primary third grade teacher, has spoken so highly of all of Miss Allen’s ideas and work.

Weeks Four and Five


Mr. Pellegrino and Latin Roots and Prefixes. What an awesome bulletin board!

The past two weeks Mr. Pellegrino has worked on a bulletin board for the middle school classroom.  I am happy to report that the bulletin board is up and beautiful!  Pictures will be coming soon!  The students have enjoyed having Mr. Pellegrino eat lunch with them.  This past week, there was quite the conversation about which soccer team was best.  It sounded like we have some avid soccer fans!  The students have also been very excited to get all of their graded work back at the same time thanks to Mr. Pellegrino’s filing system! In Miss Monk’s classroom, Miss Allen has been teaching the students about the saints.  This past week, Miss Allen taught the students about Mother Teresa.  She even showed them a PowerPoint about her trip to Haiti.   This had a particularly strong impact on the students because St. Peter School has a sister school in Haiti.  The students were particularly struck by the fact that the people in Haiti are very happy even though they do not many things at all. Miss Allen and Mr. Pellegrino have made quite an impact on our students.  Look for an article on them in the Catholic Standard this weekend!

Week Three


Miss Allen teaching about St. Thomas Aquinas. The students listened to her story and then discussed the gifts they had to share with the world.

Miss Anna Allen worked with 3rd graders on division and multiplication today.  She helped the students relate to division by having them divide cookies and video games!  Last week in Miss Allen taught the students about St. Thomas Aquinas.  She created Miss Monk’s bulletin board using materials on St. Thomas Aquinas.  Third grade loves having Miss Allen in their class!

Week Two


Mr. Pellegrino enjoying lunch with several of the sixth graders. Note Mr. Pellegrino’s filing cabinet is still open–even during lunch. The work never ends!!

At the start of week two, the students are very excited to have Mr. Pellegrino back in the classroom.  Today, two of the seventh grade boys joined Mr. Pellegrino for lunch.  They discussed everything from sports, to movies, to foods.  Students were also excited for Mr. Pellegrino to greet each of them with a high five as they entered the classroom.  Thanks Mr. Pellegrino for brightening everyone’s day and for making the middle school’s administrative tasks much more manageable!