Weeks Four and Five


Mr. Pellegrino and Latin Roots and Prefixes. What an awesome bulletin board!

The past two weeks Mr. Pellegrino has worked on a bulletin board for the middle school classroom.  I am happy to report that the bulletin board is up and beautiful!  Pictures will be coming soon!  The students have enjoyed having Mr. Pellegrino eat lunch with them.  This past week, there was quite the conversation about which soccer team was best.  It sounded like we have some avid soccer fans!  The students have also been very excited to get all of their graded work back at the same time thanks to Mr. Pellegrino’s filing system! In Miss Monk’s classroom, Miss Allen has been teaching the students about the saints.  This past week, Miss Allen taught the students about Mother Teresa.  She even showed them a PowerPoint about her trip to Haiti.   This had a particularly strong impact on the students because St. Peter School has a sister school in Haiti.  The students were particularly struck by the fact that the people in Haiti are very happy even though they do not many things at all. Miss Allen and Mr. Pellegrino have made quite an impact on our students.  Look for an article on them in the Catholic Standard this weekend!

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